Sunday Service
  • 8515 Ridge Boulevard
    Brooklyn, NY 11209

  • Adelphi Academy

Sunday Service

Sunday Services will be held at 10:30 am at Adelphi Academy. The entrance is on the side of the building – on 86th Street, off Ridge Blvd (look for the Sonship sign and head up the driveway, make first left to the entry doors).

For more details on what to expect, click here.

We are required to take everyone’s temperature at the door so please arrive a few minutes early.

If you are planning to attend, it is important that you self-screen for COVID-systems using the questions below. If you answer YES to ANY of them, you should STAY AT HOME and not attend our indoor services for the time being.

  1. Within the last 10 days have you been diagnosed with COVID-19 or had a test confirming you have the virus?
  2. Do you live in the same household with, or have you had close contact in the past 14 days with someone who has been in isolation for COVID-19 or had a test confirming they have the virus?
  3. Have you had a fever greater than 100 degrees OR any one or more of the following symptoms within the past 24 hours, which is new or not explained by a reason other than possibly having COVID-19?
    • Chills, repeated shaking/shivering, or muscle pain
    • Headache, cough or sore throat, running or congested nose
    • Shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, feeling unusually weak or fatigued
    • Loss of taste or smell
    • Diarrhea, nausea, or vomiting